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Motorbike Rental Contract

Renterís Name _______ Nationality _______ Date of Birth _______
Passport Number _______ Hotel/Address _______
Rental Date _______ Return Date _______ Rental Time _______
Type of Bike _______ Plate Number _______ Accessories _______

Deposit: 2000 Peso, plus Passport and Rental Charge Peso/day Peso (weekly date}

The above detailed Contract is mutually agreed further as follows:

  1. Renter shall utilize the Bike only for the purpose of sight seeing on main roads. (After of road of Lahar Driving, please pass by the shop for cleaning and lubrication)
  2. If the vehicle breaks down/is damaged-you let us make the necessary repairs.
  3. If the Vehicle breaks down outside Angeles City Area, the renter is responsible for the way back transportation.
  4. Vehicle is insured in accordance with current Philippines liability. Additional Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the renter.
  5. During rental period, renter must take good care and maintenance the vehicles as if it were his/her own property, and check oil and water in engine at every fill-up of fuel
  6. The renter is responsible for and damage to vehicle, whether caused by the renter or a party.
  7. If the vehicle needs to be repaired/painted, the renter must pay extended rent as long as the vehicle is in repair shop.
  8. The renter will be liable for the theft of the Vehicle. The renter will be charge to replace vehicle in cases of theft.
  9. The renter must have a valid international driverís license or local driverís license.
  10. The renter must agree to Philippines traffic rules (Especially about wearing a helmet for motorbikes and non-alcohol driving)
  11. Always look the Bike when parking. Parking the Bike only at a secure place in the night time.
  12. Fill up the tank before you return the Bike.

Late Penalty: Up to 59 minutes late is a Grace Period= No Charge, 1-2 Hours late = 1/3 Daily Rental Charge, 2-3 Hours late= 2/3 Daily Rental Charge, Over 3 Hours late= Full day Rental Charge.

Insurance: All units have 50, 000 Peso of Compulsory Insurance for 3rd party damage. However, this is a small amount of insurance and pays nothing for the damage to the Car or Bike which the Renter if fully liable for under the Terms of the Rental Contract.

I read the above statement and agree to all terms and condition with no exceptions.

Date _______ Renter Signature _______
Cell No. _______
List all damage right side vehicle (Right side) Renterís INTís _______
List all damage right side vehicle (Left side) Renterís INTís _______